5 Reasons to Meditate for 15 Min Each Day

Meditation has been gaining popularity over the years. We understand now that allowing the brain to do nothing is quite therapeutic – like a “rest day” for your thinking muscle. Researchers verify that 15 minutes of meditation can be as beneficial to your psyche as a day of vacation. Now, meditation is not new. Cultures around the world have been practicing meditation before recorded history. Today, we’re just confirming what ancient people knew all along. Meditation doesn’t have to be a silent mind seated in lotus on the floor. Sun salutations can be another form of meditation. Still others repeat mantra or listen to a guided meditation like yoga nidra. Whatever style of meditation works best for you is the one you should do! After all, if we don’t stick with it, we won’t feel the results. Consistent meditation works. There are a multitude of benefits you can enjoy from adding a 15-minute meditation practice to your daily regimen. Meditation – because it feels good to be in the moment.

What are some proven benefits of meditation?

  • Reduces Your Internal Autobiography

    For many, ruminating on their personal story is a constant inner monologue. Why did I say that? What did those people think about me? This type of thought process is often loudest when there is nothing to focus on. Unfortunately, the haunting, destructive obsession with self can be a source of anxiety, sadness, and troubled relationships.

    By meditating, people can gain more control and redirect their default thought process. Just like any other exercise, the more you practice, the more you remember and utilize the skill in the future. Think of it as rewriting or even deleting your autobiography. Meditation focused on breath or external sensations can help you to be in the present moment. After all, as Oogway said so eloquently, “You are too concerned with what was and what will be. There is a saying: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”
  • May Reduce Depression and Anxiety Symptoms

    Meditation isn’t just passively sitting still while the world unfolds around you. It may look like you’re doing nothing, but in fact, you are rewiring your mind. A study at Johns Hopkins found that mindfulness meditation and antidepressants might have the same impact on mood management. By connecting with your mind and recognizing your part within thoughts and observations, meditation can help some individuals to successfully shift their outlook and their personal experience.

    Often, we feel as if our emotions and thoughts are beyond our control. But, with meditation, you start to tap in and realize that you are the one behind the wheel.
  • May Improve Your Ability to Concentrate and Stay on Task

    A lot of people make jokes about being overwhelmed by external stimuli. The truth is many of us are. There’s so much to focus on at all times and sometimes it feels like it turns into a big mush, and you can’t focus on any one thing. In school, teachers sometimes caught these difficulties (and many times, may not have.) But, in adulthood, the sad fact is that our minds don’t just straighten up and pay attention. Many of us continue to struggle our whole lives with this overwhelmed feeling of not being able to focus.

    HOWEVER *all caps*, guess what you can do to help you focus your mind? Yep. Meditate. Once you connect to your brain, you can decide what you’re focusing on. You might even find some new tricks that help you concentrate. Meditation is a practice of focusing on a single thing – whether it be mantra, your breath, or the flow of your movements. So, of course, once you master that skill you can use it in other areas of your life.
  • Meditation May Physically Reshape Your Brain

    When we think about our minds, we probably don’t often consider the physical matter it is comprised of. Inside our noggins is tissue which is malleable and alive. That’s where we store our memories and process thought! It’s wild! What’s even more wild are the results of a study from Harvard. For eight weeks, they monitored participants who did mindfulness exercises. What they found… the hippocampus increased in thickness. Our hippocampus is responsible for emotional memory recall. With a daily meditation practice, we can make that area of the brain resilient.

    Additionally, some key areas of the brain which are responsible for anxiousness and chronic stress were reduced. Did the physical measurements correlate with the way the participants felt? The reports indicate a strong “yes.”
  • Meditation is Good for Kids!

    Meditation is safe and beneficial for people of all ages. Children can benefit from a regular meditation routine, and it might even help them in school. Teachers and researchers have done testing with meditation and yoga for students. This approach is also a new way of analyzing a child’s experience and perspective in a school atmosphere.

    School and home life can be stressful for children. It is not just adults who have difficulty with the stresses of daily life. Schools that implement a meditation program into the daily routine saw a decrease in behavioral issues and an increase in grades. 

A Calm Mind is a Great Foundation

A calm mind is the best foundation for a productive, creative, and fulfilling day. Meditation is an easy way to start to create that foundation. Sometimes, the best exercise for your mind is to shut it off for a few moments. Just 15 minutes of meditation a day might be all you need to see improvement in your overall outlook. Whatever meditation looks like for you, it will do you good. Consistent meditation works. There are a multitude of benefits you can enjoy from adding a 15-minute meditation practice to your daily regimen. 

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Plant Based superfood coffee alternative
plant based coffee with ashwaganda and mushroom blend
echinacea, astragalus, ashwaganda, mushroom blend coffee
The healthiest coffee alternative. plant based superfood blend

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Uplift Florae Lean Bean Power Coffee is a delicious coffee blend pumped up with adaptogens, herbs, and mushrooms to help boost stamina, assist metabolic function, and help to improve cognition.


Want your morning cup of coffee to do more for your brain and your waistline? Lean Bean mushroom coffee helps give your brain a boost and your metabolism a kickstart.

  • VEGAN SUPERFOODS POWDER: All of our formulas are vegan, plant-based, ketogenic diet, and paleo diet friendly. Our formulas do not contain soy and are non-GMO.
  • ADAPTOGEN GYNOSTEMMA: Gynostemma, also known as Jiaogulan, is widely purported to increase resistance to stress, support healthy weight, heart health, and stamina. Adapting to stress and reducing cortisol may help reduce body fat storage.
  • EIGHT NOOTROPIC MUSHROOMS: Our Lean Bean Power Coffee blend contains our potent mushroom blend of Reishi, Maitake, Shitake, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Oyster. Nootropics may increase mental function, clarity, memory, and cognition.
  • ASHWAGANDHA POWDER: Ashwagandha has long been utilized in Ayurvedic blends to help the body cope with adrenal challenges and stress.
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Mushroom Coffee Benefits


What's in the brew?




We all love our coffee.  And coffee gives us energy. So, if you’re looking for a boost, grab a Lean Bean Power Coffee, not an energy drink. Get the power of adaptogens along with your energy. 




Echinacea is a humble little flower that enhances immune system function.  




Ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha are getting a lot of hype these days. But, what exactly is ashwagandha, and what does it do? According to traditions, it is an adaptogen that protects the nervous system from exterior stress. Today’s researchers confirm that this powerful herb increases performance decreases cortisol and increases muscle mass and VO2Max.




Reishi has been an ancient Chinese secret for spiritual growth and longevity for over 2000 years. 




Our mood matters. Depression can cause us to lose motivation. Millions of Americans experience depression, and many more go unreported. Maitakes have been studied for a wide variety of benefits, and a quick search will give you a tsunami of reasons to consume them. One study found that a naturally occurring chemical in maitakes has a profound antidepressant quality. A better mood from a mushroom? That’s something to smile about.




Shiitakes contain beta-glucans (β-Glucans). Never heard of it before? It’s a polysaccharide that has a laundry list of benefits. It is known to bolster immune function. Research suggests it can help with bone density and regeneration. It also helps regulate cholesterol and blood pressure. And, of course, it has antioxidant properties. 


Lion’s Mane


Lion’s mane is a whacky, shaggy mushroom. But …. You guessed it… researchers have uncovered some serious potential in this fungus. The studies conclude that consuming lion’s mane is beneficial for brain function and memory.




Cordyceps really gives this power brew a boost. Studies show that cordyceps supplementation can improve aerobic performance. Chemicals in this fungus seem to enhance endurance, blood oxygen, and VO2Max. 


Turkey Tail


Turkey tail mushrooms have been shown to have neuroprotective properties.



The chaga mushroom has an odd look. Chaga helps protect the brain. It has nootropic qualities, enhances mood, and improves memory.




We’re all relatively familiar with this culinary mushroom. They’re rich in selenium, vitamin D, and antioxidants. 




Jiaogulan, or gynostemma, is an adaptogenic climbing vine. Adaptogens contain saponins, which are antimicrobial. They’re also considered an antioxidant that protects against free radicals. Analysis of this well-known medicinal herb found a new saponin type in the leaves! The unique saponin has been shown to have neuroprotective benefits.


Serving Recommendations


  • Vegan whipped coffee!

  • Make coffee nice cream

  • Mix with protein powder for protein coffee

  • Mix with Tranqui-Latte for a really tasty concoction

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Did you know that superfood mushroom reishi can support your meditation efforts and promote well-being and mental clarity? If you like to grab a cup of coffee to kickstart your day... but it just doesn’t hit like it used to. If the caffeine buzz is a little less than exciting, spice it up with something new! Our Lean Bean is coffee with benefits. Reishi and seven other nootropic mushrooms excite and inspire the mind for a boost you can really count on to uplift you.

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