6 Ways Quitting Sugar Changes Your Body

Most Americans eat too much sugar – and the standard American diet is popular around the globe. In fact, 90% of Americans exceed the daily recommended sugar amount each day. Eating sugar has negative effects on the body, some we can see and others we can’t. But sugar is hiding in every product, from granola, to ketchup, to yogurt, to pasta sauce. Even foods that are marketed as healthy or low fat may be smacking you in the face with more sugar than your body needs. This hidden sweetness isn’t sweet at all. Eating too much sugar can increase your body fat as well as the risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and depression.

For millennials, we were eating sugar for any and every meal back in the day. Unfortunately, that white stuff is addictive so we may still be hooked. But reducing sugar in your diet is beneficial regardless of age. Let me cut in by saying not all sugars are created equal. An apple is packaged with fructose, fiber, and water in a proper ratio. But, extracting the fructose and pumping it into a processed product is a different beast altogether.

Eating fruit is not going to cause harm. Be mindful that the more processed a food, the more likely it is to have negative health implications. This article will use the word “sugar” to discuss processed and added sugars.

So, what will happen when you quit sugar?

  • Less Sugar = More Energy

    Sugar doesn’t just affect your waistline, it also pumps through your blood and impacts your brain. The rush of sugar is addictive. Dependency leaves you wanting more. When you’re tired or groggy, your brain will crave the rush and dopamine hit of a sugary treat.

    Unfortunately, sugar temporarily improves mood by releasing happy hormones. That instant gratification can make sugar seem like an appealing option. Instead of grabbing a healthy snack, your mind will prompt you to grab a doughnut or a frappy sugary coffee beverage.

    Only by giving up sugar do we start to end the cycle of craving. Once your body weans off the sugar, you will find yourself with more natural energy. The natural energy you feel from eating healthy foods and supporting your body is more stable and less up-and-down. Additionally, your mental clarity and memory may improve just from cutting sugar out of the menu.
  • Cutting Down on Sugar Can Support Weight Loss

    Weight loss occurs when there are more calories burned than consumed. So, just cutting sugar won’t automatically result in weight loss. However, the quality of a calorie matters. A calorie isn’t just a calorie – especially when some can help keep you satisfied, and others will leave you craving more. Ever feel like you want to stop but you just have no self-control?

    Sugar and emotional eating go hand-in-hand. When we crave sugar, we may be seeking a mood boost or comfort rather than sustenance. When you’re looking for calories to cut, consider removing the sugary treats first. The foods which contain high amounts of processed sugar are typically devoid of nutrients and overloaded with calories and fats.
  • Reducing Sugar Intake Improves Complexion

    Want your skin to glow? Kick your sugar habit. As it turns out, eating excessive sugar causes the collagen in skin to degrade. Over time, eating sugar in excess can cause the skin to age prematurely. The scientific explanation is a process known as “glycation.” Sugars attach to proteins and damage them, causing damage to the cells.

    Collagen and elastin are proteins that firm and tighten your skin. When these proteins are healthy, the skin is buoyant and bouncy. But consuming too much sugar can make the skin dry and stiff. The results are visible lines, wrinkles, and damage to the skin.
  • Better Digestion

    Our digestive systems are host to flora. The bacterium in our digestive system does a lot of the work for us. In fact, our health is largely dependent on the right balance of microbiota in our guts. But, if we don’t put the proper food into our system, it can cause problems for the whole ecosystem. Bacteria love to munch on sugar. Think of how yeast reacts in a bowl full of warm water and sugar. It blooms! Well, the same thing can happen with your digestive flora. They chow down on all the extra sugar, meanwhile you experience bloating and gas.

    Now, if that isn’t enough to get you to cut down on the sugar, there are other digestive implications. Overeating sugary foods can cause leaky gut and overgrowth of bad bacteria. Simply by eliminating refined sugars from your diet, you can prevent some of these symptoms from becoming your reality.
  • Improved Mental Function and Productivity

    Sugar can dull your sparkle. By changing your relationship with sugar, you may sharpen your mind. Studies have consistently shown that a diet high in refined sugars can damage memory and cognitive function. But that damage isn’t permanent. Simply drop the biscotti and see your wit return to its former glory.
  • Cut the sugar and prepare for lift off!

    Sugar might be getting in the way of your sex life. By removing sugar from your diet, you improve circulation and blood flow. For some parts of the body, low blood flow is an indicator of circulatory problems (and an early warning sign of serious cardiovascular degradation.) But a healthy diet is the first step to getting your mojo rising once again.

The Sweetest Part

You don’t need added sugar to enjoy a sweet life! A diet low in processed sugar can potentially keep your skin youthful, your digestion healthy, and your energy balanced. Sugar addiction is real, and it might not be as easy as pie (pun intended.) Once you edit your diet, the benefits will be worth the effort.

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Plant Based Superfood Hot Cocoa
Plant Based Adaptogenic blend of hot cocoa
Hot Sexy Cocoa Adaptogenic Blend of plant based superfood
Hot Sexy Cocoa Adaptogen Blend
Hot Sexy Cocoa Adaptogen Blend

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Delicious Cocoa with Adaptogens for Energy


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Cocoa (Theobroma cacao)


Cocoa beans aren’t just delicious. This “Food of the Gods” contains polyphenols and chemical compounds that offer profound benefits to the human body. Catechins are plant-based polyphenols with antioxidant properties. They are known to repair damage to cells.




Ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha are getting a lot of hype these days. So, what can this root do for you? According to tradition, it’s a “rasayana,” an adaptogen that protects your nervous system from exterior stress. Today’s researchers confirm that this powerful herb increases performance, decreases cortisol, and increases muscle mass and VO2Max. Also, ashwagandha is used as a mood regulator and may protect you from getting into a funk.


Maca Root


Maca’s history is rooted in Peru. Studies suggest that it is quite beneficial for men’s health and vitality. As an adaptogen, it is said to help the body resist the effects of stress. It is also said to increase energy and boost physical strength.


American Ginseng


Panax quinquefolium is native to North America and has been commonly used for centuries. Today, researchers have proven its merit through double-blind studies. As it turns out, this little root has incredible nootropic capability. Cognitive function and working memory saw improvement with the regular use of American ginseng. And who doesn’t want a big sexy brain?


Korean Ginseng


Panax ginseng is also known as “Korean red.” Why do they call it the “King of all herbs”? Ginseng is used in traditional Chinese medicine to enhance libido and improve male sexual health. Modern research studies have confirmed the root’s ability to protect and improve the function of male reproductive organs.


Siberian Ginseng


Eleutherococcus senticosus – Siberian ginseng – the Devil’s bush. It has been used by Chinese herbalists for centuries. Recent research confirms that ingesting Siberian ginseng can improve performance and muscle mass.


Serving Suggestions


  • Make a hot sexy mocha

  • Mix with plant milk and serve over ice

  • Make hot sexy nice cream!

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Hot Sexy Cocoa is a delicious, sweet treat without sugar! Cocoa bean releases feel good endorphins to improve mood and soothe the soul. To this, we added maca root, a naturally stimulating and stress-reducing superfood. Maca root is an adaptogen renowned for relaxing the nervous system and reducing the impact of stress on the body. The root powder gives a natural and sustained energy boost without jitters, nervousness, or a crash.

For those looking to get off sugar, there will be a bit of a “detox” period – some time where you’re craving your usual sweet boost (whether it’s a dessert food or a latte.) Adaptogens like maca may help to reduce the temptation and keep you going. Sipping on a Hot Sexy Cocoa will surely lift your spirits while supporting your good health!

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Plant Based Superfood Hot Cocoa
Plant Based Superfood Hot Cocoa
Plant Based Adaptogenic blend of hot cocoa
Hot Sexy Cocoa Adaptogenic Blend of plant based superfood
Hot Sexy Cocoa Adaptogen Blend

Hot Sexy Cocoa Adaptogen Blend