7 Ways Walking Daily Improves Your Health

We’ve all heard that we should aim to get around 10,000 steps a day. For many of us, a fitness watch or app is a daily reminder to get moving. Walking does so much more than just burn calories! Our bodies were made for movement, and walking is one of the most accessible ways that we can stay active. When you go for a walk, you are supporting your joints, bones, brain, and body. Let’s explore all the ways that walking everyday can improve your life. Go for a walk – because it feels good to move!

What are some of the benefits of walking?

  • Walking Regularly Promotes Healthy Body Weight

    Walking is an excellent exercise. It’s easy to do and you can do it with a friend. A walk will look different for everyone, and that’s okay. When you start to add walking into your routine, start with a path and a length of time that is doable for you. Whether you are taking long hike or 15-minute walks around your neighborhood, you are doing good for your body.

    Getting your steps in burns calories. You can increase the calorie burn by walking hills or picking up the pace. Try to mix up your routes to keep it exciting. Aim to keep a walking schedule that will fit into your life and set goals that you can accomplish!

    By adding a daily walk to your routine, you will increase metabolism and burn extra calories. Walking also utilizes the muscles of the lower body and the abdominals. 
  • A Daily Walk Supports Circulation and Heart Health

    We’re built to walk. Likewise, our bodies function best when we walk on a regular basis. A sedentary lifestyle leads to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. But studies show that just 21 minutes of walking each day can reduce that risk by 30%. Walking may not be competitive or glamorous, but it can drastically improve the quality of your life – and potentially save it! Large scale studies which have followed participants for over a decade have shown that walking lengthens lifespan and supports heart health. 
  • Healthier Joints and Less Pain

    It may seem as though the impact and weight of walking would put pressure and strain on the joints. As it turns out, regular walking improves range of motion and supports mobility. Walking increases blood flow and circulation, pumping oxygenated blood to stiff areas. By lubricating the joints, walking helps to relieve pain. Plus, using muscles strengthens them. Walking strengthens the quads, glutes, and hamstrings and all the muscle surrounding the joints.

  • A Walk a Day Keeps the Blues Away

    Researchers have found a link between a gentle daily walk and a mood boost. The boost can be even more impactful if you walk in nature. You don’t have to walk far! The study revealed that just 10 minutes of walking outdoors can improve your overall mood. Extra bonus points if you walk with a friend, the benefits of socializing, walking, and being in nature all work together to significantly improve your mood.

  • Walking is a Natural Pump for Lymphatic Drainage

    The lymphatic system doesn’t get discussed often, but it is a key piece of healthy body function. Lymph is responsible for moving fats and fluids through the tissues of the body. Without proper lymphatic drainage, the body can’t remove waste like bacteria and viruses from the body. Luckily, walking is a free preventative measure in the quest to rid the body of baddies.

     The heart is the pump for the cardiovascular system. But the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump. Instead, physical activity is the pump! Walking, by nature, is an accessible and easy way to stimulate the lymphatic system every day and prevent lymph retention and disease.

  • Want a Better Night’s Sleep? Go for a walk!

    Studies at Johns Hopkins have concluded that exercise improves quality of sleep. The results are in – you don’t have to work out too tough to get some high-quality ZZZs. In fact, the study suggests that 20-25 minutes of brisk walking can do the trick. So, not only is that walk helping you fight off disease and excess weight, but it can also help you hit the hay and call it a day!

  • Increased Creativity

    Many great minds have gotten their creative juices flowing by walking for inspiration. Walking is second nature to us. When we walk, we are moving, but our minds are free to wander to wherever they dream to go. Many authors, too, say the only cure for writer’s block is a good old-fashioned stroll! Scientists theorize that the stimulation is a result of the different parts of the brain which are activated during a walk. But, regardless of why, the fact remains that if you need some inspirado, get to steppin’ and your thoughts will follow!

A Healthy Skeleton, Less Pain, and Support for the Brain

On the quest to be your best self? Clearly, adding walking into your daily routine will benefit your body and mind in countless ways. To further support the effort, try adding turmeric into your diet. Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin. Research shows that regularly ingesting curcumin can reduce joint pain and inflammation. Adding turmeric to your daily regimen can reduce pain and stiffness in the joints and increase mobility. Large scale studies also suggest that turmeric supports bone mass and density, mood, and memory.

Tranqui-latte plant based superfood golden milk turmeric drink
Superfood drink blend with turmeric
coconut milk, coconut oil, turmeric root, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg blend
a great golden milk drink on its own or add it to your coffee
Blend this golden milk drink with hot water or coffee
the best tasting turmeric drink on the planet
Tranqui-latte plant based superfood golden milk turmeric drink
Superfood drink blend with turmeric
coconut milk, coconut oil, turmeric root, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg blend
a great golden milk drink on its own or add it to your coffee
Blend this golden milk drink with hot water or coffee
the best tasting turmeric drink on the planet

Tranqui-Latte Turmeric Golden Milk


Caffeine Free Superfood


Uplift Florae Tranqui-latte is a plant-based superfood beverage with natural ingredients that help to promote digestion and counteract inflammation. Natural, soothing, caffeine-free herbs and roots taste great while helping to combat inflammation, bloating, and water retention. 

Tough workout left you feeling a little beat up? Sip this golden brew to help ease inflammation and promote recovery.
Big meal left you feeling bogged down? Whip up a tranqui-latte and help move things along.
Feel a tickle in your throat? Make a hot mug of this turmeric and ginger brew to help stave off the cough.

  • VEGAN SUPERFOODS POWDER: All of our formulas are vegan, plant-based, ketogenic diet, and paleo diet-friendly. Our formulas do not contain soy and are non-GMO.
  •  ESSENTIAL FATTY ACID BLEND: Plant-based sources of EFA-rich foods support the brain, immune system, and cardiovascular system. Vegan EFAs help the body absorb and utilize ingredients.
  • CURCUMINOIDS: Turmeric root is a natural source of curcuminoids, antioxidants that may help support your body's inflammatory response.
  • BRAIN SUPPORT: Amla, as known as Indian gooseberry, and saffron are components of the blend. These ingredients may help support cognitive function and memory.
  • MADE IN THE USA: All Uplift Florae products are made in an FDA and USDA facility with ingredients mindfully curated from around the world. We blend and process all products in the United States in state-of-the-art facilities to guarantee safety and quality.


Medium Chain Triglycerides from coconut oil are all the rage among athletes and fitness fanatics for their potential fat-burning capacity. Research suggests that MCTs improve the waist-to-hip ratio and can prevent excess fat storage. The triglycerides remodel gut microbiota, preventing extra storage of fat.


Turmeric Root

Turmeric is the star of any golden milk beverage. Curcumin is widely known to have remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. Studies abound touting the benefits of turmeric supplementation. Inflammation is an immune response that can wreak havoc on all of the body’s systems. Curcumin helps reduce chronic swelling in the body and increases overall health.

Cinnamon Bark

We all have cinnamon in our kitchen. But we don’t realize its full capability. Authentic cinnamon bark has anti-microbial, cardio-protective, and cognitive-enhancing properties. This delicious spice not only tastes great, but research suggests it can keep your brain sharp and your body functional. In addition, this powerful superfood increases blood flow and promotes circulation.


Spicy cardamom is a popular flavor that gives chai its robust kick. The warming spice has a calming effect, especially in the cold winter months. Research also suggests that it has a diuretic effect and offers a metabolic boost. Not only does cardamom satisfy cravings, but it also helps with glucose intolerance in the body.

Ginger Root

Ginger has a long history of use as a digestive aid and is well known for soothing upset stomachs and nausea. It’s also yummy. This spicy rhizome has proven gastroprotective qualities that aid digestion.

Nutmeg Seed

Bioactive compounds in nutmeg have been studied for their gastro-protective capacity. Stomach erosion which causes digestive discomfort and ulcers, was improved by the regular ingestion of nutmeg.

Indian Gooseberry

Also known as amla, the Indian gooseberry has been extensively studied and utilized for its beneficial properties. Researchers go so far as to call it “the most important medicinal plant in the Indian traditional system of medicine.” It has digestive and neuroprotective capabilities. In addition, it is beneficial for liver and kidney function. This powerful fruit is also widely acknowledged for its anti-inflammatory properties.


We’re just mad about saffron. It has beautiful color, an earthy flavor, and supercharged active compounds. Carotenoids in saffron have neuroprotective, memory-enhancing capacity. This nootropic chemical powerhouse has been studied for its ability to prevent mental degradation and improve mental clarity.

Serving Suggestions


  • Tranqui-Coffee-Latte

  • Froth with plant milk to make it extra creamy

  • Make a golden lemonade

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Golden milk is a natural herbal drink that soothes muscles. It’s caffeine-free and an excellent alternative beverage for anyone sensitive to caffeine. A cup of calming Tranqui-Latte can be enjoyed morning, noon, or night. With natural ingredients turmeric root, ginger root, and Indian gooseberry, this blend is the perfect way to support your body, your joints, and your mood. Turmeric is the star of any golden milk beverage. Curcumin is widely known to have remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is an immune response that can wreak havoc on all of the body’s systems. Curcumin helps reduce swelling in the body and increases overall health. To the spice blend, we add Vegan EFAs. Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) may aid digestion and help with hair and nail health. Healthy oils maintain healthy skin for a natural glow.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Some simple ways to improve your life:

- Walk at least 10 minutes a day
- Enjoy caffeine-free golden milk
- Take your walks outdoors when possible
- Walk with a friend for the mental benefits
- Go hiking and explore new spaces!
- Walk after a meal to improve digestion 

To support your body, do what it is was designed to do! A simple walk will benefit your health, you mind, and your productivity. Forward bipedal locomotion is one of many skills that this body offers you. Take advantage of the awesome opportunity and put your best foot forward ! See you on the greenway.

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