5 Ways a Green Drink Can Help Your Weight Loss

September 23, 2021

Uplift Florae Green Drink Mix
The popularity of green drinks has increased as the public has become more health-conscious. We all know drinking empty calories and overly caffeinated sugary drinks aren’t good for us. But often, we reach for them due to convenience and low energy. A green drink is a vitamin-packed alternative to empty energy, which does more to support your body without added sugar. If you’re looking for an energy boost that supports your fitness efforts, green juice is a perfect solution for you.
Green drinks are popular among celebrities, bloggers, fitness enthusiasts, and foodies. One thing they can all agree on is that green drinks can help with weight loss. A good green drink offers tons of benefits, from improved digestion to reduced inflammation, cardio support, and boosted immunity.


1. Prebiotic Fiber and Resistant Starch

Prebiotic fiber aids digestion to break down and absorb nutrients, reducing hunger and deriving more from the foods you eat. Fiber helps us feel full for longer. Prebiotics feed the beneficial bacteria in our gut to improve the way our systems function. The importance of our digestion in overall health cannot be overstated. A healthy gut can improve your mood, weight, cravings, and overall performance. Research also points to prebiotics’ ability to decrease inflammation and reduce the storage of fat. All-in-all, these fantastic plant fibers help with weight management and digestive health.

Have you heard of resistant starch? It’s another prebiotic. This fiber is dense, and our bodies don’t break it down – which means it fills us up, but the calories don’t absorb. On top of that, our gut bacteria feast on it. Resistant starch keeps us feeling satiated while feeding our healthy digestive flora to keep everything moving properly. 


2. Mental Clarity and Mood Support

It’s no secret that people don’t just eat when they’re hungry. 27% of adults are emotional eaters, grabbing a snack when they’re stressed. In fact, it is estimated that 75% of overeating is due to emotions (and maybe some boredom.) Cortisol is a stress hormone that increases sugar in the bloodstream. Elevated cortisol wreaks havoc on our metabolism by interfering with our nervous system function and digestion. Nootropic reishi mushroom has quite a few mood-enhancing benefits, and stress-reduction is its claim to fame. Reishi helps combat cortisol and supports our natural ability to handle stress.

3. Boost Your Energy Level

 Phyto-Superfood Green Drink provides sustained energy – not a quick jolt. Quick and easily digestible nutrients, vitamins, and nootropic mushrooms support whole body function and mental clarity. Most of us are used to reaching for a caffeinated energy drink or sugary coffee for a pick-me-up. Unfortunately, caffeine either leaves us wired and tired… or does nothing at all due to built-up tolerance. Phytonutrients, minerals from sea vegetables, and chlorophyll give us a natural boost that works with all the body’s systems to keep us functioning and thriving. Increased energy plus increased performance equals decreased pounds.


4. Nootropic and Adaptogenic Mushrooms 

Reishi and lion’s mane are brain-boosting shrooms. As adaptogens, they support the body’s ability to respond to stress. Stress increases cortisol – a naturally-occurring steroid hormone meant to protect us from danger… except the fast-paced lifestyle of modern civilization alerts the mind to danger 24/7. Chronic stress harms our mood and our bodies. But, peace of mind comes not from external stimuli but internal resilience. Adaptogens are a tool that can be used to strengthen your ability to respond to stress. 


 5. Vitamins C and K for Glowing Skin

Barley and parsley powders have more vitamin C than orange juice. These vitamins are antioxidants, hunting down and destroying free radicals in the body to protect cells from damage. In addition, they provide a vegan collagen boost and promote the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen is what keeps your skin smooth and bouncy. In fact, vitamin C is so beneficial to the skin that it is a key ingredient in many popular skincare products. Studies have consistently shown that ingesting vitamin C increases the effectiveness of applied sunscreen. 

Vitamin K works with the blood to heal wounds, scars, and bruises. In clinical settings, vitamin K is applied topically post-op to help reduce swelling and improve the healing process. Drinking a green drink provides vitamin K from whole plant sources like kale and other leafy greens. Taking a green drink daily may help smooth out skin tone and reduce dark circles under the eyes.

Glowing skin may not exactly be related to weight loss, but these vitamins also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and improved elasticity helps the skin bounce back and stay buoyant.


Serving Suggestions

Phyto-Superfood Green Drink is excellent as-is, just shaken or stirred into water. But, if you’d like to experiment, these options are fabulous:

  • Add greens powder to fruit smoothies
  • Mix into overnight oats or hot oatmeal
  • Add carbonated water for a sparkling green mocktail
  • Mix with lemon juice and water for a green lemonade
  • Blend in with your protein drink after a challenging workout


Bottom Line

Green drink powder remains popular because it is an easy way to supplement the benefits of leafy greens, mushrooms, and sea vegetables. We all want to eat healthier, but sometimes convenience wins. With Phyto Superfood Green Drink, you have the convenience and a plethora of benefits. For a mood boost and an energy boost, just shake it up with water and enjoy.

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