Astragalus: Repairing Your Biological Shoelaces

July 20, 2021

Uplift Florae Astragalus Superfood Ingredient

What is Astragalus?

Astragalus, or Huang Qi, is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Studies have shown that this adaptogen regulates telomerase activity. Astragalus helps to repair telomere-binding proteins and thus protects the ends of the telomeres from fraying. Telomerase is an enzyme which maintains and lengthens telomeres.

What’s a telomere?

Years ago, I read that these are the caps at the end of a genetic “shoelace.” I tried to find the original source, but every article says it without citing anyone else. Essentially, telomeres protect the ends of our chromosomes. Just like the cap on the shoelace, if they breakdown, the entire lace degrades rapidly.
Healthy telomeres keep us youthful by preventing cellular damage. Astragalus may be able to protect our cells from damage by keeping our laces intact.


Benefits of Astragalus Powder

Astragalus is a well-known adaptogen. Adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms protect our body from external stressors. Stress also contributes to aging, fatigue, and weight gain. By regulating our response to physical, mental, and emotional stress, adaptogens can enhance our overall well-being.

As an immune-booster, regular use of astragalus may also help prevent colds and seasonal allergy symptoms.


We added astragalus to Uplift Florae Lean Bean Power Coffee so we can easily and deliciously supplement this powerful herb and protect our bodies on a cellular level.

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