Cordyceps is the Power-Up Mushroom We Need in 2021

September 13, 2021

Uplift Florae Cordyceps ingredient to increase energy
Supplements containing cordyceps are gaining popularity because there is a wide range of benefits associated with consuming them on a regular basis. Traditional Chinese Medicine has prescribed cordyceps for centuries to improve libido, increase energy, and support organ health.
Researchers today have done studies which back up this ancient Chinese wisdom. Here, we will look at five benefits of cordyceps intake which have been agreed upon by Chinese herbalists and modern science.


Fitness Boost

A study of individuals performing intense exercise revealed that cordyceps increases oxygen intake (VO2 Max) and increases the time to exhaustion. There were significant improvements in the athletic capacity, cardiovascular ability, and endurance of individuals in the study who were consuming the cordyceps mushroom.



Cordyceps can be anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is a broad word, but it causes a range of issues in the body – from skin conditions to mental health issues, to digestive discomfort. Inflammation can wreak havoc in the body and eating foods and supplements that prevent and reduce inflammation can protect you from many ailments.


Brain Power and Memory


Cordyceps may improve your ability to learn and remember new information. The neuroprotective aspects of the supershroom are recognized in many scientific trials as well as by countless individuals who supplement with cordyceps for their mental well-being.


Fight Fatigue – Steady Energy


Adrenal fatigue is characterized by low energy even after a full night’s sleep. People experiencing adrenal fatigue may reach for salty, sugary, and caffeinated foods to get an energy boost. This variety of fatigue can cause frequent crashes throughout the day. Fatigue essentially prevents you from exerting the power necessary for a given task. Cordyceps studies show that the supplement enhances capacity and improve function in fatigued individuals.


Better Mood

Supershrooms all have something in common – mental health support. The neuroprotective and mood-boosting effects of adaptogenic mushrooms make them a must-have for anyone living on the planet Earth in the year 2021. Active compounds in cordyceps make it a mood-lifting nutraceutical since it is an adaptogen that helps us combat and deal with daily stress.


Power Coffee Power Up


Uplift Florae Lean Bean Power Coffee contains cordyceps mushroom so you can enjoy all of these positive benefits. In addition, it contains herbs and adaptogens to support immune system, enhance mood, and increase energy. The lean bean blend is designed for total body and mind support, with components that benefit metabolism, memory, and mental clarity. Get more out of your day with more than just a caffeine kick. :)

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